Three schools, covered by Ameritime Sports, will be battling in the SEMO Conference Wrestling Tournament the next two days at Jackson High School.  Pool matches start today, while the double elimination tournament gets going on Saturday.

Here are the seedings for wrestlers from Cape Central, Hillsboro, and Ste. Genevieve heading into competition.  Every weight class is represented by at least one seeded athlete from an Ameritime Sports school.

106:  2–Gavin Alexander (28-2), freshman from Hillsboro

113:  4–Gavin Gross (24-6), sophomore from Ste. Genevieve; 5–Aidan Haggard (24-7), junior from Hillsboro; 7–Ryan Criddle (12-10), junior from Cape Central

120:  2–Dalton McNeal (28-7), junior from Ste. Genevieve; 3–Evan Morris (24-6), freshman from Hillsboro

126:  3–James Short (27-4), senior from Hillsboro

132:  3–Dalton Litzsinger (30-1), sophomore from Hillsboro; 4–Dawson Bevens (20-3), senior from Cape Central; 9–Nathan Selby (21-14), junior from Ste. Genevieve

138:  1–Griffin Ray (29-1), freshman from Hillsboro; 2–Jacob Dickens (21-3), senior from Ste. Genevieve

145:  7–Levi Wiegand (16-13), sophomore from Ste. Genevieve

152:  6–Dylan Jordan (14-8), senior from Cape Central

160:  6–Cameren Walley (24-10), junior from Cape Central

170:  7–John Bennett (14-11), sophomore from Hillsboro

182:  3–Zach McNees (25-5), junior from Hillsboro; 7–Dale Propst (21-14), sophomore from Ste. Genevieve

195:  3–Josh Pullen (17-3), senior from Cape Central; 4–Blake Hearst (8-0), senior from Hillsboro

220:  4–John Moseley (8-2), senior from Hillsboro

285:  5–Jordan Jarvis (19-12), sophomore from Hillsboro; 6–Ryan Schmelzle (22-10), sophomore from Ste. Genevieve

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