Ameritime Sports started bringing high school sports news to its followers back in 2018.  With unparalleled coverage of not only varsity sports, but also junior varsity and freshman competitions, the Festus-based operation has kept fans of original member-schools, Hillsboro, Jefferson, and Ste. Genevieve, abreast of what was developing with their favorite teams.  Cape Central was added in 2019, and South Iron was brought in on June 5th.

In the coming days, Ameritime Sports will be launching a completely new website containing dynamic media content.  “There will be photo galleries, quite a bit of video content, live-streaming capabilities, and customized school pages,” content coordinator Todd Gurnow mentioned.  “Navigation of the site will be a lot easier, and the aesthetic appeal has been greatly improved.”  Gurnow added that live streaming will begin with a few events a week, but as staff is added, the number will increase.

The Ameritime Sports Store will contain season preview magazines, season recap magazines, the possibility of highlight videos, as well as Ameritime Sports apparel customized for each school.  “The stories highlighting the athletes will always be the foundation of what we do,” Gurnow stated.  “But by expanding our content, we want to grow along with each school.  We want to provide more options for everyone involved.”

Ameritime Sports will be setting a monthly subscription fee at just $4.99.

Look for more information soon.  For the time being, content can still be found at ameritimesports.com, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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