When the South Iron Panthers became the fifth school covered by Ameritime Sports, the uninitiated may have scratched their heads at the choice.  But anyone familiar with powerhouse schools, regardless of size, around the state of Missouri, knew that we had acquired an outstanding school and athletic program.  The Panthers are a Class 1 school, but they have a resume that can compete with any school in the state.

Dusty Dinkins, who doubles as athletic director and boys basketball coach, got a chance to familiarize folks with what the Panthers bring to the table.  Needless to say, Ameritime Sports is ecstatic about having the Panthers on board.  Here’s what Dinkins had to say about a school that is near and dear to his heart.

“Our school and community believes it is vitally important to provide athletic opportunities for our student athletes,” he pointed out.  “Through these opportunities, we believe our student athletes will recognize, demonstrate, and improve their ability of working hard, working intelligently, and working well with others to achieve daily success!  We also strive to provide a positive environment for our student athletes, while we encourage, as well as, challenge our athletes to grow in areas that will benefit them far after their playing days are over.”

Dinkins explained that followers should get a lot of entertainment out of watching (and reading) about the Panthers.  “We hope fans and followers will observe athletes, coaches, and teams working extremely hard to compete at the highest level possible, while demonstrating integrity and respect for all throughout that process.”  That formula has proven incredibly successful along the way.  “Our successes over the decades have been a direct result of a continuous cycle of players, coaches, family members, school employees, and community members that are caring, helping, giving, encouraging, and motivated to invest into our student athletes and programs.”

And wherever the Panthers play, at home or on the road, one can expect a large and vocal following.  “Our community recognizes the need to support, encourage, and be present in the daily lives of our youth,” Dinkins summarized.  “We have a strong following of supporters that are willing to give back and lend a helping hand whenever a need is recognized.”

South Iron High School fits perfectly within the framework of the other schools…Cape Central, Hillsboro, Jefferson, and Ste. Genevieve…in the Ameritime Sports family.  We’re ready to bring you all the highlights and excitement provided by the South Iron sports programs.


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