Offense Still Struggling for Hillsboro JV Soccer; Defense Improving

The Hillsboro junior varsity girls soccer team continues to have problems with scoring, but the defense is getting stingier.  The team recently dropped a 3-0 decision to Perryville, and then a 1-0 match to St. Pius.

Last Thursday night, the Hawks started off strong against Perryville.  “We were pretty evenly matched until late in the first half when Perryville found the back of the net against Mackenzie Golden,” said Tish Naeger.  “We struggled with getting the balls up to our offensive line.  Our midfielders were playing a little deeper than we would like. and were not pushing up to support.  When our forwards received the ball, it was a two-on-four situation.”

Naeger said the second half started well.  “Our midfielders made some adjustments, and we seemed to build more of an offense,” she said.  “Our defensive line was playing a little too close, and on two separate occasions they were not playing up and back like they should (but were more even).  Unfortunately Perryville caught that and was able to slant two different balls through the defensive line and on goal.  Melanie Bentley was in goal in the second half.”

Last night, the Hawks lost to St. Pius by a score of 1-0.  “We contained the ball the majority of the time in the first half deep in our offensive third,” Naeger mentioned.  “Late in the first half, Pius came down and drew a foul outside the 18 yard box near the sideline.  We manned up, but the player put the ball on goal.”

During the second half, the Hawks again maintained most of the possession during the match.  “We did a lot of passing and attacking, however, once we had the ball down in our offensive third, we just weren’t shooting.  We talked at halftime about putting the ball on goal and following it up.  Emily Woodham, from our defensive line, had several good runs up the line and crossed several balls to backside.  She even put two on goal, but nothing crossed the line.  Players of the game for us would have been Emily Woodham and Ryleigh Hindle for playing solid defense and pushing up to help generate more offense.”

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