Jefferson’s Ebersoldt Leaves Huge Legacy in Blue Jays Baseball Program

Here’s what Levi Ebersoldt has to show for his three years of work within the Jefferson baseball program.  And please keep in mind, this is without his senior season which is still up in the air this spring.

Career Records

3rd in all time total hits:  53
3rd in all time doubles:  9
3rd in all time home runs
4th in all time RBI:   34

1st in wins with 22
1st in Ks with 95
2nd in all time ERA with a 1.41
1st in games pitched with 29
1st in innings with 126

Ebersoldt will be pulling on the uniform of the William Jewell Cardinals next academic year, hoping to make his mark there as well.  Ebersoldt recently had a chance to talk about his time at Jefferson and what the future holds.

Q:  Why William Jewell?  Why did you end up choosing to further your athletic career there?

Ebersoldt:  “Coach (Mike) Stockton and Coach (Jason) Middleton invited me to a visit on campus, and also to watch them play one of their fall scrimmages.  While on the tour around campus, I slowly began to feel like I belonged there.  Once I got to the game, I was blown away by the family culture of the baseball team.  It was only a fall scrimmage, but they were acting like it was a playoff game.  Plus, they have barbecues at all the home games.  Within a week of coming home from that visit, I had my mind made up.”

Q:  What other schools did you consider?

Ebersoldt:  “I received offers from both Drury University in Springfield, and Lawrence University, way up in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Both were amazing schools, and I felt like I couldn’t go wrong with any of the three schools on my list.”

Q:  How did you get your start in baseball?  Was it always a dream of yours to play college ball, and when did you think it was a realistic possibility?

Ebersoldt:  “I started playing tee ball in preschool.  My dad was a baseball player, so he really pushed me to play, and I just ended up falling in love, and it has been my favorite sport ever since.  I always wanted to play in the MLB, but I didn’t really realize that there was college baseball until I was like seven or eight, so I guess it has always been my dream to keep playing baseball as long as I can.  When I was around 13, it really started to feel like it was something that I could actually do.”

Q:  I know you played basketball.  Did you play other sports?  Why was baseball the sport you decided to put your most effort into?

Ebersoldt:  “I played soccer when I was younger, but as my father always says, ‘It’s like cross country with a ball’, and I hate running, so I wasn’t too eager to keep playing.  I also played football in middle school, which seemed like a good idea because of my size, but during my eighth grade year, I discovered that I didn’t like it all that much.  Baseball has always been my favorite sport…it was just more fun for me to work hard in baseball than in any other sport.  And there is less running than basketball.”

Q:  Who have been your biggest influences in the game, either directly or indirectly?

Ebersoldt:  “My dad was the one who really instilled the love of the game in me, but in terms of my competitiveness and drive, I think I have my brother to thank.  If he didn’t make it absolutely terrible for me to lose to him in anything, I don’t think that I’d be half as competitive as I am today.”

Q:  What is the one memory from your Jefferson career that stands out the most for you?

Ebersoldt:  “I think the Jefferson baseball moment that stands out the most for me was one that I wasn’t even on the field for.  During my freshman year, in the district semifinal, watching my brother on the mound get a double play up the middle with Blaine Prater and Jaden Courtois at short and second base to end the game was one of the most exciting moments of my high school career.  And watching everyone go nuts, since being a freshman, made it all the more awe-inspiring.”

Q:  When baseball is over, what do you think we’ll see Levi Ebersoldt doing with his life?

Ebersoldt:  “Assuming that I graduate college, hopefully something related to psychology, as that is what I’m majoring in.  I also hope that I get an opportunity to coach somewhere and get a chance to help out kids just like all of my coaches have done for me.”

Q:  Finally, for all those little ones who have dreams to do what you’re doing, what’s the best advice that you could give them?

Ebersoldt:  “My one piece of advice for kids who dream of playing college baseball, or even just college sports in general, is to let other people help you during your recruiting process, whether it’s coaches, assistant coaches, parents, etc.  I can’t even begin to imagine where I’d be without the help of my family, Coach Kuehnle, Coach DeSalme, Coach Bone, and so many other people.”



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