Facility Maintenance Class Helps Jefferson Students Help Others

When fans attend Jefferson sporting events, and the facilities and fields look so nice and ready to go, did you ever wonder who was responsible for getting everything game ready?


Yes, students…specifically the Facility Maintenance class directed by Robert Kuehnle.  Kuehnle says the class was created for several reasons.  “We wanted to create a class to help students by teaching them respect for their facilities and their school at a deeper level,” he said.  “They come away with a stronger work ethic than they already had, and a general knowledge of how to take care of sporting fields.”

Senior Jacob Bridges said this class will help him down the road.  “I plan to attend college and major in finance or accounting,” he commented.  “Taking this class helps you learn responsibility to do your job, and that will stick with you later in life.”

Admittedly, the students took this class because it gave them a chance to get out of the regular classroom setting and be with friends.  But it’s more than what meets the eye.  “You actually do a lot around the school,” said Bridges.  “I’ve pulled weeds around the school as well.”  Senior Erik Eisenbeis agrees.  “It has taught me a lot about responsibility.  I have learned how hard I can work.  I have dragged the baseball field, and set up for every home football and softball game.”

This class means a lot to the district community.  “This takes pressure off some other departments letting them focus on other things that could help our school and community,” said Kuehnle.

So the next time you attend an event, and everything looks the way it should, take some satisfaction in knowing Blue Jay students were responsible for helping maintain the great facilities we enjoy.





Jacob Bridges–

1. I didn’t have any classes to take so I picked this one.

2. Most of them think it is a blow off class, but you actually do a lot around the school.

3. Having responsibilities outside of school work.

4. I’m decent at making lines on a softball field.

5. Set up a softball field and a football field. Also pull weeds around the school.

6. You learn responsibility to do your job in this class and that sticks with you later in life.

7. Senior

8. I plan to attend college and major in finance or accounting.

Andrew Graves–1. I wanted to be outdoors for an hour

2. yes
3. better work ethic
4. I am a hard worker
5. set up the speakers before every softball game and set up for football games
6.Make me work harder
7. senior
8. Play college football
Jacob Melton–1. I had to fill an hour and chose to help around the school.
2. They think it’s a get out of work class.
3. Having responsibilities
4. I can chalk the heck out of a softball field.
5. Set up football field, set up softball field, put signs up, clean up around the school.
6. Apply getting stuff done to other responsibilities.
7. Senior.
8. Get a bachelors in business.
Erik Eisenbeis–I decided to take this class because my friends were in it. I would say most of my friends think it is a blow off class. I have learned to handle responsibilities.  To show respect for the others that clean up around are school. I’m a senior. I plan to attend college but I am undecided on my major.

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