Cage Becomes a Cardinal After Four Years With the Hawks

Signing Photo Courtesy of Hillsboro Athletics

Amber Cage saw and accomplished a lot during her time playing softball at Hillsboro High School.  The Hawks have had an incredible run in the last four years, going 87-31.  Cage had been a part of that run, and now she’s moving on.

After graduating from Hillsboro, Cage signed to play softball at Mineral Area College.  She shared her thoughts about that and more.

Q:  Why MAC?  Why did you end up choosing to further your athletic career there?

Cage:  “I chose MAC because I wanted to have the chance to play at least one more time…even though I am hoping to transfer to a four-year university and continue to play.”

Q:  What other schools did you consider, if any?

Cage:  “Jefferson College.”

Q:  How did you get your start in softball? Was it always a dream of yours to compete in college, and when did you think it was a realistic possibility?

Cage:  “Ever since I started playing when I was seven, it was a dream of mine to play in college.  I realized it was a possibility when I started getting offers.”

Q:  You were involved in other sports at HHS. Why did you decide to devote your time to softball for college?

Cage:  “I grew up playing softball, and from the very beginning, I fell in love with the game and never wanted to stop playing.”

Q:  Who have been your biggest influences in softball, either directly or indirectly?

Cage:  “My parents, most definitely.  They encouraged me and supported for every decision with softball.  Also my high school coaches…Coach Lucas and Coach Naeger always believed in me and made me a better player.”

Q:  What is the one memory from your Hillsboro career that stands out the most for you?

Cage:  “Making it to state and being able to play as a team and fighting to the end.”

Q:  When softball is over for your career, what do you think we’ll see Amber Cage doing with her life?

Cage:  “When softball ends for me, I hope to pursue my dreams of going into law enforcement.”

Q:  Finally, for all those little ones who have dreams to do what you’re doing, what’s the best advice that you could give them?

Cage:  “Never give up and keep pushing to follow your dreams.”


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