Ameritime Sports is looking to see if it may be able to able to add to its staff of writers in the future.  Therefore, a short survey has been created to see the level of interest that may be out there.

“We have many plans for the future,” Todd Gurnow, content coordinator of Ameritime Sports, said.  “If expansion is a possibility, we have to have more options.  We’ll have to attend more events, there will be more stories to write…there’s no way we could do that without more people.”

No changes are imminent, but Ameritime Sports is looking to not only gauge interest, but also build a database of potential writers for the future.  “I would love to see current high school and college students fill out the survey,” Gurnow said.  “I would also like to see adults that have a strong interest in sports fill out the survey as well.  Obviously, strong English skills are vital, and the person has to know sports deeply, whether it’s one sport in particular, or more than one.”

The success and popularity of Ameritime Sports over the last two years has been overwhelming.  “I think it’s evident that there is a need for an organization like Ameritime Sports,” Gurnow said.  “What we do is what people want.  To keep doing it at a high level, and to potentially bring our services into new areas, we need like-minded individuals to express their interest in continuing this service.”

The survey link is here and will only take a couple of minutes to complete: Ameritime Sports Survey

Ameritime Sports currently covers the athletic programs at Cape Central High School, Hillsboro High School, Jefferson High School, and Ste. Genevieve High School.

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